Day 1: Your Current Relationship Status

23 Jul

{The Art of Finding a Good Mate}

Current Status: “I’m Already Taken”

Finding a good mate is not as easy as all those gooey love songs make it out to be. In fact, it’s harder than rocket science. And at times extremely painful. More painful than pulling teeth I swear. There are highs and lows, happy moments and sad moments, all of which becomes a roller coaster of emotions. And why do we go through this you ask? We go through all of this for love. We sacrifice our hearts all for the sake of finding that one person that we believe we can spend the rest of our lives with. To find that one person that we feel we can’t live without.
The “taken world” vs. The “single world”. Two completely different worlds. One requires you to spend quiet nights at home cuddled up with your other half with candles and a good movie, while the other requires you to spend your nights drunk, dancing on the table tops of the hottest night clubs. One allows you to be apart of a team with someone who will always have your back, while the other allows you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want to. So really it comes down to what you value the most.
My boo thang’s name is Trent or King Trent is what she prefers to be called. To this day I have never figured out why studs love to be called “king”, “daddy”, and “boss” so much. It perplexes me really the amount of ego studs have, but it comes with the territory. I have learned to deal with it and love it. Anyway she is a strong person who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to work hard for it, and that’s definitely the type of person you want to have on your team.
We are an extremely good looking couple I have to admit we are pretty conceited. She truly know how to push my buttons like no other. Sometimes she really makes me want to murder her. But at the end of the day the good out weighs the bad. Arguments are inevitable in a real relationship but I wouldn’t want to argue with anyone else. Muah.



I’m Back

20 Jul

So…. It’s been a long long time since my mind, words and thoughts have touched this blog. So many changes have occurred over the past few months. Living in a new city, in a new apartment with a new girlfriend. Like i said a lot has changed and for the better. But here I am refreshed and ready to bang this thang out. Lol. Anyway look out for my post for this 30 day challange I’m embarking on starting tomorrow. Wish me luck muah

20 Jul

Ins gonna start doing this tomorrow sounds like fun and a great way for me to get back writing as well


21 Nov

The Art of Surviving A Shitty Job

Whether your working at this Shi**y job now (I will pray for you) or used to in the past (prayer must have worked) we all know the hard struggles of working at a job you despise. We have all dealt with gossiping snitches (hating employees) and or assho** supervisors with SUPER EGO’S. Some of us make it out of these jobs in a civilized way and others of us…well lets just say…what you wanted to finally say. lol.

First lets disscuss the actual companies, with their fake smiles and all. They suck us in during the hiring process by promising us dreams of great pay, steady hours and ample opportunities to grow within the “company”. BULLSHIT!!! ALL of it, because once we start, we are forced to work for less money than any of us can survive on or become overworked with no increase in pay or under worked, given part-time hours that can barely cover a cell phone bill. Then they expect us to do all of these extra things that are way out of our job descriptions. They know that most of us won’t say anything because they know that we desperately need our jobs. They give us hell day and night, and expect our attitudes to be in check. Then on occasion when the big wigs decide to stop by, its all smiles and fake laughter but behind the scenes people are hollaring and yelling. All of a sudden you just can’t seem to do anything right.

Next there are those no good gossiping employees.You know the ones that smile and ask you how your weekend was and as soon as you walk out the door they talk shit about you like a dog. The ones who knows everybody’s business, enough to make a book. They know who’s sleeping with who, who is getting let go and who’s stealing money and supplies. They know whose baby mother has been calling and how many kids everyone has. These people are DANGEROUS! They are charming and funny and make you feel as if they are really your friend. But believe. Dont be fooled by their false sincerity, it can cause you to be in the middle of an argument that you don’t want to be in. But if your lucky enough to see through their bullcrap, you know that secretly they are jealous of you and can’t wait to see you leave.

Finally, and definitely the hardest part IS DEALING with an arrogant prick of a boss (PG WORD) male or female. I’ve had to deal with both. Both have SUPER EGO’S and little person complexes. They think that they are always right and your always wrong. Oh and don’t even think about talking back to them. For fun they like to “flex” their “authority”, suspending or penalizing employees. PUH-LEZ….Note to all the egotestical supervisors out there..your all are just supervisors at these crappy places, this is you guys whole life, while these jobs are just pits stops on the way to things greater for the rest of us. And while I am sure that we have more education and wit then you, in a few years we will be making more money then your making now in these hell holes.

Confession from me to you..I AM SOMETIMES almost unable to contain my words when I speak to my managers. I want so bad to be able to CURSE THEM THE HELL OUT one good time. Using every word in the book just to let them know I am not playing. I find myself just wishing that they would say something inappropriate so I can let them have it because when I am extremely pissed off, I am very willing to lose the job for the sake of my dignity and pride. To me it’s about the principle of it all. There is no reason why they get to openly disrespect us, belittle us and talk down to us like we are some five year old child. We all know that if we were off the clock and in our regular clothes, out in the streets, in the real world, that they would never even dare talk shit that they talk to us while we are at work. NOT UNLESS they are ready for a beat down…. I am JUST SAYING……

FRIENDS: Lifesavers? or Backstabbers?

16 Nov

“The Art of Finding a Real Friend”

It’s no secret that for most

of us, some of our best

friends have also been our

worst enemies.

We have all ran through our

fair share of “friends”.

There are the ones that

we love and keep and then

there are those low down trifling bitch** that we dismiss without even a

second thought. When it comes to choosing friends, How do you really

know who to TRUST?


MAYBE we should look at all the good and the bad, weigh the

pro’s and con’s perhaps of having friends. Cause there is nothing

worse than having a friend who is nothing but drama, drama,

drama, with a CAPITAL “D” (Though there are some people who

enjoy a good bit of spicy drama from time to time, keeps things

live, but it is most certainly not needed on a DAILY BASIS! OKAY!


We all have to deal with backstabbing lying no good people ever now

and then. And for most of us we can handle it. The part we can’t handle

is the pretending to be our friends, wolf in a sheeps clothing sh*t. Just

be upfront, if you don’t like me then just be real. Because if you guys

are anything like me. Its gonna be a hell of a lot worse when I get

revenge, believe that. I can sometimes get straight shady on em’.

See it hurts the most when the one person you think would have your

back is the main one stabbing you when it’s turned. The main ones

spreading rumors and lies. The main ones envious of your shine and

only wish that they could match your swagger. Ungrateful low down

haters after all you do for them, this is how they chose to repay you?


For those that are a part of the gay community know that its even worse.

As a homosexual I can honestly admit that some of my fellow members

male and female can be some of the most sneakiest snakes you ever seen.

Whether your a gay male or female most gays know that EVERYBODY

KNOWS EVERYBODY. And as “quiet as its kept” mostly everybody has

slept with and dated some of the same people. UGHHHH….SO

ANNOYING. Your friends will sometimes wind up with your exes

and that’s just how it goes in the gay world sometimes. Just being honest.


But I think I may have a little system that will help weed out the ones we

don’t need to F’ WITH or have in our lives. I call it the “RED FLAG”

SYSTEM.  Its pretty much is similar to the baseball three strikes your

out rule, except for flair we are using flags. lol.  All jokes aside it works.

If you chill w/ new friend, for every lie they tell or weird odd thing they

do or say that you know ain’t right they get a flag. and after three its

pretty clear that they are not who you need to be associating with

period. Cause I promise you if they show you at least three flags

chances are they will “f” up down the line.


I promise I am saying this for your own good……lol



14 Nov

Who Cares?

So...As an OFFICIAL "Card Carrying" 
member of the "L Club" and as a woman 
period, I feel that there are somethings
that are better addressed rather than 
left unsaid (Rants and Raves lol).

Unlike the lucky bunch of you who were 
fortunate enough to know you were a raging 
lesbian at the age of 12 and 13........I 
embraced my lifestyle in my 20's (only 24 ppl). Do I regret 
not being enlightened or opening up earlier on? Maybe, maybe
not. Although it definitely would have saved me some precious 
time wasted on some very undeserving males. But lesson's were
most certainly learned. "Like me and guys just do not WORK!"
lol. Though I do applaud those who are brave enough to call 
themselves bisexuals (I did once when I thought I would still
give the male species a try) and are smart enough to plays 
both sides of the fence. It takes skill for sure. 
And to those ladys and gents who are still on the straight and 
narrow worries....we won't judge you lol.

Nonetheless I am an avid believer in equal opportunity and 
rights for all, especially the GLBTQ community. I wished the 
State of NC (Current Miserable Location, lol) would catch up 
with States like NY&MA that allow "US" to be "US". But it is 
a work in progress for sure. Disscussion among State 
government is better than no dialog at all.

Being a woman is tough on its many things to deal 
with, then again we all got problems, males females, gay or
straight.....nowadays, it just no escaping them, I swear.....
except on those rare occasions when your lucky enough to take 
a short vacation in which you can for a brief glimmering
moment forget the BullSh** of your daily reality. 

We have so much to talk about, this is only the beginning.....


stay tuned